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Products | Switch Gear

 Switchgear and Allied Engineering Services:

  • Supply, Installation & Commissioning of:
    • LV Switch Gear i.e. Main Incoming Panels, Motor Control Centre (MCC), Power Factor Improvement (PFI) & Power Distribution Panels.
    • All type of Control panels i.e. PLC, DCS and AC / DC Drive panels.
    • Synchronizing & Load Sharing panels, Manual Changeover (MCO), Auto Mains Failure (AMF), Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) & Manual Override (MOR) Panels.
  • Supply and Installation of all kinds of Cable Trays & Ladders.
  • Supply Laying and Termination of all kind of Power and Control Cables.
  • Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance Services for all kinds of Low Voltage electrical equipment.
  • All type of Electrical Engineering Services i.e. Erection and Shut down Services on Power Plants, Process and Batch Industries.
Low Voltage Fixed Switchgear with Rated Voltage of 660V and Rated Current

Fixed Switchgear ManufacturersAL-FOUZ Technologies manufacture complete range of low voltage switchgear for industrial and commercial use. Low Tension Panels are used Indoor and outdoor and types according to the IP -40, 44, 54, and IP -56 Standards suitable for System Voltage 415, 440, 600, 50Hz, 3 Phase and 4 Wire with build in special protection devices like earth fault, under voltage, over voltage and shunt trip Electrical and Mechanical inter locking. EPCS manufactured LV Switchgear as per customer requirement.


  • Suitable for electric power system of 3-phase AC  rated frequency 50/60Hz as conversing, distributing, controlling for motive power, lighting and distribution system
  • Rated voltage: 400V
  • Rated Current (v) = Up to 6300 Amps
  • Rated short time withstand current: Max 120KA / Lsec
  • Reasonable arrangement, low temperature rising, high cutting ability and reliable interlock
  • Nice and novel appearance, permanent sign and nameplate
  • According to the IEC / Bs Standards
  • Altitude: ≤2,000m
Motor Control Centers

We also manufacture MCC Panel, for varied industrial purposes. In this MCC Panel all the starters are placed in one section. Control is provided from the MCC panels and local control of the motors is provided from the local push button stations. It is available in different configurations and can be customized according to the clients use. This kind of MCC panel also has varied kinds of starters.

Types of starters In MCC panel

  • DOL starter- Direct Online Starter
  • Star delta Starter
  • VFD Starter
  • Soft Start


  • PLC / Relay Logic Control Base
  • Remote Control System Based
  • Typical Intelligent / Integrated
  • Master Controller with 100%
  • Flow of System Based
  • According to IEC / BS Standard
PLC Panels

Compartmentsl MCC PanelWe offer precision made PLC panels or Programmable Logic Control Panel. These PLC panels are largely used for industrial automation and process automation. They are programmed through SCADA software and logic which is downloaded as per the process requirements. Different variables are controlled according to the logic and different tag numbers are given to different motors, valves, sensors etc. It is provided with a monitor which displays the process and instrument diagram, and also the live status of process parameters. The PLC systems are of different types of micro logic 1200, 1500 and SLC 500. The PLC consists of 4 Types of Cards.

Digital input – It is used for receiving F/B from process that is to start /stop, O/L
Digital Output- It is used for giving commands to motor Start/stop
Analog input- It receives signal of 4-20 mA from sensors of flow, pressure, temp.
Analog output - It gives signals of 4-20 mA for controlling valves, actuators, VFD speed control


  • Nano & Micro PLCs 10 IO''s to 140 IO''s.
  • Modular PLCs – Scalable from 8/4 to 4096 IO''s with remote drops
  • Special function modules like - High Accuracy, Temperature control, power transducer, PID.
  • controlled output channel available
  • PLC''s with significantly higher configurations available.
  • Hot Backup Redundant Systems
  • Distributed Control Systems
Automatic Power Factor Improvement Panels

Most of the commercial and Industrial installations in the country have large electrical loads which are severely inductive in nature, such as motors, large machines, air conditioners, drivers etc. Which results in a severely lagging power factor? This means loss and wastage of energy and heavy penalties by electricity boards. In case of fixed loads this can be taken care by manual switching of capacitors.

However in case of rapidly varying and scattered loads it becomes difficult to maintain a high power factor by manually switching on/off the capacitors in proportion to variation of load within an installation. This drawback is overcome by using an APFC panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel) which not only maintains a high power factor but also eliminates the eliminates the need for constant manual intervention. The ratio of Active Power to Apparent Power is called Power Factor (PC):

Power Factor = Active Power / Apparent Power = KW / KVA

  • Economical with faster payback periods.
  • Ability to maintain a constant high power factor.
  • Eliminates low power factor penalties levied by WAPDA.
  • Reduces the KVA demand charges.
  • Improves efficiency of the system by reducing losses.
  • Prevents leading power factor in the installation during low load conditions.


  • Designed with the concept of modularity which allows upgrading of KVAR rating as when required.
  • Incomer MCCB for connection to the mains.
  • Advanced microprocessor based relay used to ensure real time power factor correction in the installation
  • Current limiting contractors specially designed for capacitor switch.
  • HRC fuses for rack protection.
  • Specifically designed, user friendly and dust & vermin proof modules.
  • Flush mounted meters to indicate line voltage and current.
  • Provision of incomer cable from top and bottom.
  • Efficient performance Tran’s air exhaust fan for cooling.
  • Wide range of rating with standard devices for faster deliveries.
Power Distribution Panels
Al Fouz technology offers Power Distribution Panels. These are available with the following features: manufactured as per latest standards; custom engineered; custom built; strict quality control; copper busbars; tested for short circuit - capacity of 50 kA for 1 second; and complete documentation.
Cable Trays

We manufacture all type off cable trays in standards sizes and according to the client demand as well. Our product range includes:

•Perforated Type Cable Trays
•Ladder Type Cable Trays
• Wire Mesh Type Cable Trays
• Cable Tray Accessories (Tee, Bend, Elbow, Reducers)

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Graphical Display of Cable Tray System