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i). Gen.Set Services

Over the years we have built a reputation for excellent customer service. Being service oriented company basically, we are trained & well equipped to effectively handle all sorts of problems related to Power Generation. To render comprehensive Engineering Services for Generating Sets:-

  • Assembly/Overhauling of Diesel Engines as per manufacturer's Standards
  • Reconditioning / Servicing / Repair of Alternators.
  • Design, Development & Manufacturing of AMF & ATS Panels.
  • Load Testing of Diesel Generating Sets.
ii). Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

For regular preventive maintenance of Diesel \ Gas Generating sets through professional people, Annual Maintenance Contracts are signed with our regular clients. Through AMC you can run your Generating Set trouble free throughout the year , with the experienced service staff just one phone call away.

iii). Project Engineering, Management Services
  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Construction & Management
  • Procurement Advisory
  • Engineering and Installation of Thermal Power Generation systems.
  • Engineering and Installation of Electrical Power Distribution system.
  • Engineering and Installation of Plant Lighting & Illumination system.
  • Engineering and Construction of Overhead Electrification systems.
  • Engineering and Installation of Process Control and Instrumentation systems.
  • Engineering and  Installation of CCTV, Security and Sound systems
  • Engineering and Construction of Hybrid Power Systems covering electricity from Wapda/ Generators/ Solar Energy