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Generator Sales

Gemco generators are the renowned Diesel Engine generator sets in Pakistan ranging from 27 kVA to 1250 kVA. These diesel generators are powered by world class engines like , Perkins & Listerpetter  coupled with Newage Stamford & Leroy Somers Alternators as OEM.
We takes pride in being the notable supplier and manufacturer of diesel Generators in Pakistan. Gemco Generators are growing as a reliable source of world class products in power generation with the ability to provide bespoke built power solutions at short notice.
All Gemco generator sets are subjected to rigorous testing and eveluation.
These reliable diesel generators are installed and running in different parts of Pakistan supplying power to Industrial and Resedential sectors and telecomunication companies, luxury hotels and large hospitals.
We believe every site has different power requirements and hence we prefer to listen to our clients need and come out with the most appropriate power solution that would suit the client demands as well as cost-effectiveness.
We have diesel generators from  (27 kVA) to large size (1,250 kVA). We provide generators for both domestic and industrial use.
We can also supply and integrate ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) with our Gemco gensets, you can connect the generator to the main power supply. The ATS will on/off, starts generator automatically when the power comes back/fails from the main source without the risk of feed back.
We also keep in mind the environment which can be effected potentially by the noise produced by diesel generators in operation. By using the original sound proof canopy, the noise can be minimized to a comfortable level (75 db at 5 metres) which falls within the accepted international norms.

Features and Benefits:

As a mature technology, clean and modern diesel powered generators offer these key benefits:

  • Rapid product availability.
  • Proven reliability and low life cycle costs.
  • High efficiency and operational flexibility.
  • High quality electrical performance.
  • Well established service and fuel supply infrastructure.
  • Optional factory integrated exhaust after treatments reduce emissions for high hour use in environmentally sensitive locations.

We are specialized in Diesel Generators Sales, Spare Parts, After Sales Service. Our gensets meet all essential international and national standards. We recommend diesel generators due to their longevity and lower operating costs.

For details on our generator prices in Pakistan and their specifications, please contact us.

We offer 1000 Hours or one year standared warranty for Gemco Generators, which ever come first.