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About Us


Alfouz Technologies is a home of engineering solutions. With extensive experience of Pakistan’s industrial market, members of the board have come to the following conclusions:

  • With the increase in awareness & need of security worldwide, there is big opportunity in personal and building safety and security.
  • The markets for energy management in the industry and also for upgrading existing machinery through automation in Pakistan are still very large.
  • The top management of all industrial units is very keen to automate the plants in order to increase efficiency, save materials, improve quality and thereby increase profits. The savings to them are self-evident - only concern being dependability of the automation equipment and the vendor.

Therefore, Alfouz was founded in 2004.


To achieve excellence in providing comprehensive solutions based on leading edge technology, cost effective system design and creativity by focusing on our customers’ specific needs and achieve company’s business goals with a view to contribute to the benefits of our clients, our stake holders, our employees and the society.


To provide complete solutions to our customers in the fields of ‘Industrial Solutions &  Services’ and ‘Security & Safety Systems for Buildings & Industries’ by developing the required engineering expertise and services skills to achieve company’s business objectives.
Our Organization

The success of any organization is largely depends on the team working together for the common objective of the organization. We make it clear, being the part of Alfouz team every members are provided respect and affection.Each member of the team is considered equally important and provided constant training motivation and guidance. We are committed to develop dedicated staff of highest caliber that grows the organization towards its vision. Managers are expected to lead from the front; train junior colleagues through delegation resolve conflict and act as the role model for others.